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Oleochemical Products Without Limits

If it's within our power, we'll provide it

As a full-service premium oleochemical supplier, we take your trust in us to heart. We’re aware of how important our role is in your business, and put all our efforts towards delivering exactly what you require, precisely when and where you need it. This big-picture perspective is complemented with dedication to detail, too. Every oleochemical we provide is carefully designed to completely fulfill its destiny as your commercial product’s base material, experience-enhancing additive, or manufacturing process aid.

To support this focus on contributing to broader success, our own production of oleochemicals is supplemented with reliable worldwide supplies. This enables us to answer manufacturing needs across all industries, without compromising. And it means you can rely on PCNA premium oleochemical products to meet the predictable demands you have today, as well as ever-shifting changing market demands.