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DYNASAN® 114 and 118
Product Name DYNASAN 114
DYNASAN 114 INCI Trimyristin
Product Name DYNASAN 118
DYNASAN 118 INCI Tristearin
Product Description:
DYNASAN microcrystalline triglycerides are glycerin esters of selected saturated, evennumbered and unbranched fatty acids of plant origin. They are free from antioxidants and other stabilizers.
R = either C14- or C18- residues of fatty acids
Official Descriptions
JCIC # (Japan) DYNASAN 114 – Glyceryl Trimyristate
Non-JSCI (Japan) DYNASAN 118 – Glyceryl Tristearate
INCI/CTFA (USA) DYNASAN 114 – Trimyristin
INCI/CTFA (USA) DYNASAN 118 – Tristearin
CFR# (USA) DYNASAN 118 – Glyceryl Tristearate 21, CFR §172.811
If the individual grades of DYNASAN are rapidly cooled after melting, glassy, amorphous masses are initially formed, which change upon standing into crystalline modifications having volume expansion. The stable ß-modification has a very sharp melting point and a triclinic structure.
Characteristic Values
Tests DYNASAN 114 DYNASAN 118 Method Unit
Acid value 3 Max 1 Max Ph.Eur. 2.5.1 mg KOH/g
Saponification value 229 – 238 186 – 192 Ph.Eur. 2.5.6 mg KOH/g
Hydroxyl value 10 Max 5 Max Ph.Eur. 2.5.3 mg KOH/g
Iodine value 1 Max * 1 Max Ph.Eur. 2.5.4 mg J2/100 mg
Melting range 55 – 58 ** 70 – 73 ** SOP 0540 °C
Unsaponifiable matter 0.5* Max 0.5 Max Ph.Eur. 2.5.7 %
Free glycerol ——— 0.5 Max GC %
* not included in Certificate of Analysis
** determined by DSC, Mettler
Besides these product-specific characteristic values, the products are distinguished by their stability against oxidation. The peroxide value is 3 Max, the water content is 0.2 Max %.
DYNASAN 114 is slightly soluble in n-hexane and diethyl ether and has a very low solubility in ethanol.
DYNASAN 118 is slightly soluble in n-hexane, as well as in diethyl ether and ethanol. All types are virtually insoluble in water.
DYNASAN microcrystalline triglycerides are used in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries as adjuvants in the following preparations:
In tablets as lubricants having a very low influence on disintegration (see table below).
In suppositories, vaginal ovula and pharmaceutical/cosmetic sticks as crystallization accelerators and seeding agents to improve the solidification process.
In ointments, creams and lotions as body-imparting and structure-forming components.
Base substance Lubricant Concentration (%) Pressure (mPa.s) Disintegration (sec.)
Lactose Mg-stearat 0.25 195 600
Lactose Sterotex® 4 221 250
Lactose Precirol® 2 211 210
Lactose DYNASAN® 114 1 206 106
Lactose DYNASAN® 118 1 228 111
The LD50 value of the rat of all DYNASAN types are greater than 2 g/kg body weight.
Delivery Form and Packaging
Powder, cartons of 25 kg net
Storage and Shelf Life
DYNASAN microcrystalline triglycerides should be stored in tightly closed containers, protected from light and moisture and at temperatures below 25°C. Under these conditions the shelf life of the products is at least two years.