Glycerin – A Common Ingredient in Pet Treats

Pets sure do love their treats – and their owners relish in handing them out. So much in fact, that the global pet snacks and treats market eclipsed $33 billion…

Cremer North America Acquires Volunteer Pastilles, LLC.

Cremer North America, a subsidiary of CREMER Holding Company and a worldwide leader in contract manufacturing, oleochemical sourcing and chemical services, announced today that it has acquired the business of…

An Overview of Oleochemicals and Their Role

Oleochemicals can be defined as a chemical compound derived industrially from sources such as animal or vegetable oils and fats. The production of these valuable compounds is where science meets sustainability.

The Importance of Domestic Supply for Oleochemicals

Here at Cremer North America, we provide globally sourced oleochemicals for a variety of applications. While that may sound straightforward, like any industry, the process isn’t without its challenges.

Where Science, Growth and Workplace Culture Meet

Throughout our long and storied history – spanning 76 years – we have maintained a constant dedication to quality in all facets of the business, especially for our employees.