An Enjoyable Workplace Paves the Way to Success

As a leading provider of custom, chemical handling services, Cremer North America knows a thing or two about important processes.

Between lab services, flaking and pastillating, bulk storage, warehousing, rail car transfer, logistics, and transport, a lot of detailed and crucial work goes into each part of the operation.

But to make it all work, Cremer places the utmost emphasis on the most vital asset – it’s people.

For Timothy Ferguson, a chemical operator in the Flaking department, that principle is what drew him to, and keeps him at, Cremer North America.

“The people are nice and fun to be around,” Ferguson said. “Every day is a nice experience because of that.”

As part of his job, Ferguson formulates raw chemical materials into flakes and pastilles for packing and transport. It is a detail-rich job, where he works primarily with supersacks, filling them with a base material and then using a forklift to move them along for the next stage of their process. As such, Ferguson must follow strict safety procedures – for himself and his team, the facility, and environment.

But the promotion of safety doesn’t exclude having fun and keeping things light.

The flexibility within roles, open communication, and opportunities for growth while doing rewarding work are the keys to employee and team success. This, in turn, contributes directly to workplace and environmental safety, which are among the highest priorities at Cremer. For people like Timothy Ferguson, it all makes for an enjoyable experience.

“I don’t feel congested. It’s really laid back; the people are great, and my bosses let me do my job.”

At all levels, Cremer North America remains dedicated to doing work that makes a difference.

Cremer believes in an employee-forward philosophy which guides the commitment to the company’s global mission and making a positive impact in the community. The result is a workplace that has established a comfortable balance between individual employees’ needs with those of the company, and the inspired leadership empowers a diverse workforce, fostering a cohesive spirit in every department.

Join the Cremer family! Learn about our career opportunities and departments.

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