With departments ranging from supply chain to laboratories to sales and marketing, we are always looking for team members with a wide array of skills and interests.

What We Have to Offer

How We Help You Succeed

It is the mission of the Human Resources Team to provide effective human resources management by developing and implementing policies, programs and services that contribute to the attainment of corporate and employee goals.  We aim to accomplish these goals through the following:

  • Properly balancing the needs of our employees and the needs of the company.
  • Ensuring a diverse workforce by cultivating a safe environment, free of discrimination and harassment, while providing management and employee training on maintaining compliance with employment laws and government regulations.
  • Hiring the most qualified employees by preplanning staffing needs, ensuring an effective internal interview process, increasing company visibility in the employment marketplace, identifying the best and most cost-effective recruitment sources, and conducting thorough reference checks.
  • Retaining our valued employees by assuring effective leadership qualities in our managers, providing competitive wages and benefits; furnishing technical, interpersonal and career development training and coaching; conducting exit interviews and supplying relevant feedback to management; and enhancing two-way communication between employees and management.
  • Developing an attitude of teamwork in a safe and healthy work environment that is vigorously pursuing continuous improvement activities, wellness, challenging projects and having fun!

Our Departments

Supply Chain

Responsible for timely and accurate execution of all customer orders for Merchant Market and Services business. The department understands the specifics of products they represent as well as the business needs of the customers. Members of the team work closely with customers to problem solve and develop faster, more efficient supply chains.

Sales & Marketing

The Sales and Marketing team is responsible for targeting the needs and goals of new and current customers by emphasizing product and service features based on technical knowledge of product capabilities and limitations. Creating a robust customer portfolio is accomplished by formulating direct and coordinate marketing/sales actives and policies to promote products and services by having a comprehensive knowledge of establishment objectives, market characteristics, and cost/markup factors.


The IT department is responsible for computer network security and support, business intelligence reporting and application support and development.


The Bulk Department is responsible for various duties that must be fulfilled in a timely fashion. These responsibilities consist of handling barges, the transfer of barges to tank rail cars or transport, and the loading and unloading of railcars and transport. Upon request bulk will also create custom blends for specific customer requirements.


To support the operations team, the Quality department ensures that the product or service that Cremer NA provides meets or exceeds our customer’s expectations. This includes ensuring that it also meets any regulatory compliance requirement that the product may be used for. Each incoming and outgoing material has defined requirements that it must meet. Quality department has the responsibility to ensure that all required analytical, microbiological, physical measurements are within specification. The department must also ensure that the products were produced or packaged according to the customers’ needs and approve all material before it leaves Cremer’s site.

Human Resources

It is the mission of the Human Resources Team to provide effective human resources management by developing and implementing policies, programs and services that contribute to the attainment of corporate and employee goals.


The laboratories are responsible for assessing the analytical requirements for both the current product suite and new business opportunities. We employ a variety of wet chemistry techniques along with advanced instrumentation to generate comprehensive certificates of analysis. Our team is built for a fast-paced environment with short turnaround time to support operations internally, and to meet or exceed outside customers’ deadlines. In addition to analytical testing, we also provide technical consultation including helping to troubleshoot process issues, product conformity issues, raw material applications, and other various problem-solving activities.

Health & Safety

Responsible for environmental protection, occupational health and safety in the work environment. Heath and Safety’s main objectives are to prevent accidents, protect the health of the employees from workplace exposures, and to protect the environment from activities generated from our plant and production operations. This is accomplished through the compliance of various federal agencies along with the conducting of internal safety audits in order to consistently evaluate our process and make changes as necessary.


The Flaking Departments has two primary value streams across five manufacturing lines capable of processing 200,000,000 pounds per year. Flaking Department associates (1) blend various raw materials to create new products that are used in everyday consumer products and (2) process individual raw materials from one packaging type to a more convenient and usable packaging type that are used in various industries, including pharmaceutical products.


Comprised of over 150 employees and 15+ support staff, the bottling department is responsible for packaging the beads into the product bottles in a safe and timely manner, while adhering to both the customers and Cremer’s rigorous quality standards. The building consists of three shifts operating a 24/5 schedule on two automated production lines. Beads are brought from Cremer’s making facility to the bottling plant where they are first placed into the bead hopper. From here the product is filled into bottles and weighed, moving down the production line they are then capped with tops. Next the product sleeve is shrunk onto the bottle, and it is placed into its shipping box. From here the box is labeled and placed onto a pallet, to begin its journey into the market.


The Drumming Department processes kosher and non-kosher goods from larger shipping vessels to smaller packaged quantities to help customers service their customers’ raw material needs.


Cremer has an experienced team of chemical engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical/electronic engineers, industrial engineers, and manufacturing engineers bringing new products to life every day for our customers. In addition to new product engineering, Cremer engineers create new processes to solve customer challenges, small and large. A team of chemists supports Engineering and Cremer customers in product engineering. Cremer Engineers bridge process and project, completing process improvements and capital expenditure projects, respectively.


The finance department at Cremer has varying responsibilities. For one, the department handles all the money coming in and all the money going out of our business. It is crucial to receive money on time from our customers, as well as pay our vendors on time to keep good relationships. By keeping good relationships with vendors, this opens the door for our purchasing group to negotiate better deals or incentives. Another critical responsibility of the finance department is payroll. It is vital that our employees are paid timely and accurately. The finance department also oversees the financial forecasting and budgeting processes for our many departments and sales pipeline. Preparation of our financial statements and financial reporting is another key role of this group. Our group works closely with our external auditors to ensure the integrity of our financial statements.

Notice to Staffing Professionals:  Peter Cremer North America, LP, will not accept non-solicited candidates or resumes and will not be held liable for represented candidates unless you have been specifically engaged by us to help with a specific search and are under contract.  Thank you!