Building Upon a Strong Past for a Successful Future: The Cremer Story

When you consider how fast the world changes – seemingly by the day – it puts into perspective just how different things have become over the course of 76 years.

In 1946, economies, infrastructure and livelihoods around the globe had just begun to rebuild in the aftermath of World War II. It was during this year when Cremer was founded in Hanover, Germany as a small company specializing in grain, animal feed and other agricultural trade.

A Successful Start Leads to Expansion

Cremer was successful in those early years, helping to supply and transport important materials to aid in local regions’ growth. By the end of 1954, Cremer had moved to the city of Hamburg, where it remains today as an international holding company focusing on commodities, raw materials and oleochemical processing and transport. In the six decades since, Cremer has expanded its operational footprint to North and South America, the UK, Bulgaria, Singapore and Hungary.

Today, Cremer North America is one of the leading oleochemical providers in the United States.

Cremer North America’s strategically positioned facilities in Cincinnati, Ohio feature 13 operational departments including laboratory, health & safety, IT, engineering, bottling, flaking, bulk and supply chain among others. Its team-oriented, customer-centric approach to processing, storage and transport allows Cremer to supply key ingredients for everything from soap and toothpaste to pharmaceutical products and biodiesel fuel.

Its advantageous Midwestern location, along with outstanding client relationships and the strong professional standing Cremer has with its suppliers enables the mitigation of supply chain disruptions through the ability to multi-source. It is largely this flexibility and ability to innovate which have allowed Cremer to become one of the most trusted providers of essential materials for everyday life.

The Next Chapter

For the past 76 years, Cremer has focused on executing a strategic combination of international expansion and office integration. This commitment to continual company growth and enhancement has led to numerous portfolio extensions, an upgraded roster of capabilities in virtually every department and an ever-widening array of product and service offerings.

This consistent approach to proactive company growth while adapting to new technologies and practices has led to amazing changes in the company over the years. After more than three quarters of a century in business, it’s easy to understand that the Cremer story is only just beginning.

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