EHS Pledge and Practices

At Cremer North America, we take the environment, health and safety very seriously. It is part of our mission to establish and maintain a responsible operation across every department.

That is why we’ve created our EHS Pledge, which every employee upholds and puts into practice every day.

Our Pledge includes key initiatives like minimizing waste and consumables and maintaining the cleanest and safest workplace possible. We also are proud to assist with pollution control and education in the local community, by providing resources and information geared toward establishing safe and efficient environmental practices everywhere from our own neighborhood to the whole world.

But more than that, we continually strive for innovation and new ways to maintain and improve our EHS standards. This endeavor to constantly improve our environmental safety has enabled us to earn many business certifications in the areas of safety and responsible care.

These certifications are only part of our goal, however.

Responsible care means we are obligated to work in ways that benefit not just the environment, but also the economy and society. Our practices and proven methods continually pave the way for the safe transport and handling of chemicals while minimizing health hazards and safety risks. This, in turn, allows us to operate our workplaces and equipment in the most secure ways possible. It ensures the safety of our employees and promotes the vital importance of waste management and energy conservation.

Our EHS Pledge has become a significant part of our core commitment to our employees, our facilities, and the environment. We continue to work to improve and evolve the pledge and properly apply it to all the work we do.

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