Colorless, odorless, sweet-tasting and non-toxic, PCNA is a leading manufacturer of glycerols.

See below for technical specs on our glycerine products and some of their potential applications.

Glycerin Compound

Glycerin Compound


Personal care (emollients)

  • Skin Creams and Lotions

  • Hair Conditioners

  • Toothpaste

  • Mouthwash

  • Soaps

  • Baked goods

  • Protein bars

  • Candies

  • Pasta

  • Cereal

  • Condiments

  • Soups and sauces

  • Margarine/shortenings

  • Filler in low fat food products

Pharmaceutical (humectant, excipient uses)

  • Cough syrups

  • Gel capsules

  • Pharmaceutical ointments

Other (lubricants, additives, etc.)

  • Fabric production lubricant

  • Moisture retention additive in pet foods

  • Anti-freeze fluid

  • Surface paints and coatings