From cosmetics and detergents to asphalt and biodiesel, PCNA is a leading manufacturer of Cosmetic Esters & Methyl Esters.

See below for more information on our FAME products and some of their potential applications.

Ester Compound

Ester Compound


Stripping Agents

  • Adhesive Removers

  • Paint Strippers

  • Nail polish removers

  • Graffiti Removers


  • Printer Ink Press Cleaners

  • Parts cleaners

  • Household cleaners

  • Screen printing ink cleaners

  • Hand cleaners

Other (additives, cosmetics, insulators,, etc.)

  • Oil spill cleanup and bioremediation

  • Metal working fluids

  • Pesticide adjuvants
    Mold and Form release agents (concrete and asphalt)

  • Corrosion preventatives

  • Auto waxes

  • Biodiesel fuels and additives

  • Personal care products

  • Solvents

  • Insulators