Oleic Acid: A Lesson in Versatility

Fatty acids are used as key ingredients in numerous consumer and industrial products. Among this group, omega-9 fatty acids are a family of unsaturated fatty acids derived from plant and animal fats.

One of the most valuable acids in the omega-9 family is oleic acid, which is well-regarded for its versatility and usefulness in many applications.

What is Oleic Acid?

Oleic acid is a colorless and odorless monosaturated omega-9 fatty acid, found in certain foods and is also produced by the body. The largest concentration of oleic acid, however, derives from olive oil and other vegetable oils like almond, canola or sunflower.

Of the different types of fatty acids, oleic acid stands out for its flexibility and important functionality. This includes its use in personal care items and foods, where it appears as triglycerides and is even shown to help reduce cholesterol.

Primary Functions

Oleic acid works as a surfactant, where it is the active agent in soaps and detergents that traps and removes dirt from the surface you’re cleaning. Additionally, oleic acid is an important emulsifier – or binding agent – that combines multiple substances (like oil and water) that are usually unmixable. These emulsifiers serve as key additives in different products for numerous industries. Some examples and their benefits include:

Ice cream, salad dressings, cookies and candy 

Improves texture, consistency, taste and shelf life.

Makeup, skin creams and lotions

Maintains texture, thickness, and the smooth feeling on your skin.

Greases, lubricants and textiles

Improves and maintains viscosity, film strength and acts as a key lubricating agent.

At Cremer North America, we can load and package oleic acid and other fatty acids in drums, totes and liquid bulk for use in any number of applications.

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We supply all our naturally sourced fatty acids with flexibility in mind for our customers who use them to develop sustainable, environmentally friendly products in many industries. To help determining the amounts needed, we’ve developed a handy, interactive calculator.

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