Supplying a Healthier World: Oleochemical Use in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Oleochemical Use

For the pharmaceutical industry, oleochemicals like fatty alcohols, fatty acids and glycerin are typically used as excipients in various medicines and personal care products. 

The Role of Excipients

Medicinal tablets and capsules contain excipients, which are inert substances used in formulations that can perform several roles, depending on the product. 

Typically, they help transport the active ingredient to the location in the body where the medicine is needed. They can also protect, support or enhance the product’s stability, bioavailability and in some cases, flavor. Excipients may also assist in maintaining product safety during storage, transport or personal use. 

In any capacity, the excipient function is an important one. This means the quality of each oleochemical that forms the excipients is equally critical.  

The Cremer Commitment to Oleochemical Quality and Safety

Our customers, partners and consumers deserve only the best quality oleochemicals we can supply. That’s why we work hard to ensure each of our products is held to the highest possible standards for quality and safety. 

Here at Cremer North America, we maintain a steadfast commitment to responsible operations both in our daily work across all departments, and have a proactive focus on continually updating and improving our environmental health and safety standards. 

We support and promote best practices and responsible care to guarantee facility and environmental safety, risk mitigation, safe storage and transport, and product quality – including our roster of oleochemicals for the pharmaceutical industry. 

Oleochemicals are extremely versatile, and that’s just one of the reasons that we supply a multitude of these products and related services to various key industries, including:

  • Food 
  • Household Cleaners and Detergents
  • Industrial Cleaners and Degreasers
  • Personal Care
  • Pet Food
  • Pharmaceutical
  • And more

To discover more about pharmaceutical applications and to view our oleochemical spec sheets, click here.

To learn about more about oleochemical supply, services or to order samples, reach out to a Cremer expert today.

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