The American Chemistry Council Initiative

One of our chief missions at Cremer North America is to practice and promote safety and responsibility for our workers, equipment, community, and the environment.

We take initiatives like this very seriously and are constantly working to maintain and improve this commitment. While our goal with an endeavor like this is always safety and not recognition, we are nonetheless honored to have received several certifications for our efforts.

One such certification comes from the American Chemistry Council’s (ACC) Responsible Care Management System. Responsible Care® is the performance initiative for environmental, health, and safety in the chemical manufacturing industry.

As a certified member of the ACC, we make a commitment at every level of our company to honorably uphold several principles reflective of the goal to protect the environment and improve quality of life for everyone.

Above all, we strive to be leaders in protecting the environment and society by developing a range of products that are safe to transport, store, recycle and dispose of. In doing so, we not only progress toward a better community and safer world, but we can help inform and educate others on health, safety, and the effects of chemical product handling.

Additionally, we work with all customers and suppliers to promote the safe usage of all chemical products with the right hazard and risk protocols in place. This includes our facilities, which we design with the highest priorities on safety and security.

Another principle we uphold is in taking a proactive approach to improving every area of safety, health, and environmental awareness.

We collaborate with all levels of government to develop and practice safety laws and regulations, and we work toward achieving company-wide goals of eliminating accidents and harm to our facilities and the environment.

These are the ways we support and promote Responsible Care® and are proud to maintain our honorable ACC certification with integrity.

 Visit this page to learn more about our commitment to responsible operations.

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