The Benefits of Product Repackaging

When it comes to the handling and transport of oleochemicals and other products, proper packaging is most critical. Correct packaging ensures the product is safe, secure and maintains its stability until it arrives at its destination.

In fact, products often need to be repackaged into new containers depending on the needs of the customer, or to comply with different transportation or regulatory requirements as the product moves through the supply chain. The actual work itself is not pleasant. It is often dusty, messy and not always easy to find the right company to do it.

But repackaging isn’t just for transportation purposes. This important service helps suppliers and distributors accomplish many things:

  1. Safety

Repackaging allows for any problems with previous containers to be identified and for the right containers to be used for safe handling and transport.

  1. New Package Options

Do you have product in super sacks that you need repackaged into smaller bags, drums, totes or vice versa? Repackaging provides the options needed for successful storage and transfer.

  1. Reduced Waste

As mentioned, repackaging can be a dirty, dusty process. Quality repackaging ensures products are prepped and ready for transfer in new, clean receptacles, with no mess for the customer.

  1. Updated Labeling

Labeling is needed for safe and correct product handling. Not only does the label display what’s inside and where it’s going, but repackaging gives companies the opportunity to update and verify handling instructions, hazard warnings and any certifications.

  1. Supply Chain Improvements

Repackaging services can optimize and shorten supply chains by consolidating products and minimizing transportation costs. This is particularly important for suppliers who ship in bulk to customers who need to redistribute the products in reduced quantities.

  1. Compliance Regulations

Repackaging ensures the products meet different local and regional regulations at different points in the supply chain. This helps avoid any fines or other legal issues with the shipments.

  1. Product Stability

Some chemicals and other products can lose their quality over time, especially if their original packaging was compromised in any way. Repackaging into more appropriate containers helps the products maintain their stability and efficacy.

  1. Easier Handling

Repackaging into smaller, better-quality containers makes the handling and transport easier and more efficient.

  1. Company Branding

Companies may want to incorporate their brand logos or certifications on specific containers to improve visibility and awareness for customers. If the original package doesn’t have the requested branding, then repackaging provides the opportunity.

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