Service Experience

We get it. Manufacturing services are specialized, laborious and often not easy to source. That’s why we make it simple. Our expertise stretches back 75 years, so we know our share when it comes to your needs and how to execute them. We also offer an unparalleled variety of those services, in addition to lab, processing, storage and logistics, meaning whatever your needs are, we have the services to accommodate them.

Drumming and Toting

We use two separate white rooms to handle Kosher and non-Kosher USP products that can be repackaged into drums and totes.

Pastillation and Flaking

We use five 100 ft. Sandvik belts – each with their own dedicated room to prevent cross contamination – to convert bulk oleochemical liquids and similar products into the optimal sized beads or flakes for your application. Each belt also has a dedicated 30%/70% glycol/water heat exchanger, as well as two chilled water-cooling zones. Simply submit your specs and let us handle the rest.

Blending and Diluting

We can work with combinations of two or more raw materials when it comes to our blending and dilution capabilities. We also have on-site purified water production for demanding pharmaceutical grade or edible applications.

Our liquid-blending capabilities include at least 15 tanks that can hold 500 to 80,000 gallons. Our typical mixer features a baffled interior and three-bladed pitched impellor agitators, allowing for recirculation from bottom to top. Our viscosity limits are more than 2,000 centistokes. We also use ambient temperature cooling and have a heating maximum of 300°F.


We have storage capacity that exceeds 100 million pounds of product through multiple warehouses and terminals that can accommodate short- and long-term time frames. Thanks to our access to the Ohio River due to our centrally located Cincinnati facility, we can handle any packaging from 5-gallon pails to 1,500 MT barges.

Our liquid storage capacity consists of 75+ tanks between 500 and 900,000 gallons for a total of 4.7 million gallons. Bulk liquid storage also has options for heated and insulted storage, as well as nitrogen blanketing and a range of liners.

Lab services and logistics

Our central focus in our two analytical labs is the analysis of oleochemical raw materials for food, pharmaceutical and personal care products. Think fatty acids and fatty alcohols. Our variety of analytical techniques and instruments ensure you have everything you need to maintain confidence in your supply.

On the logistics side, we have a dedicated team for planning, procurement and supply chain management, and the ability to move all material forms. We manage timelines, locations and availability so you can keep your focus on other important areas of your business. We also ensure that we’ll have a steady product supply, regardless if we manufacture or source it (domestically or internationally).

With so many capabilities and 75 years of experience, the only question you need to ask is how can we help you grow your business?

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